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Chicago-Style Voting and Other Quick Hits

Strikewatch_blogJust a few quick hits today as we dive into the morass of other work that awaits us.

Chicago-Style-Voting Watch: A source tells us a bit more about the improper voting that took place at least once during the 29-hour meeting. Yes, a board member and Membership First partisan was caught with three remote-control devices, voting for herself and two other members who are not in the room. This is not allowed.

However, the source told us that the disciplining of board members cannot take place within the context of a board meeting. The person(s) involved have to be brought up on charges first and the process proceeds from there. No officials from SAG have commented on this yet.

Apology Watch: Jonathan Handel received a statement from Frances Fisher that was faintly redolent of Connie Francis, in that she's sorry, now.

In case you've forgotten, Fisher was one of the people who forwarded an email that suggested certain candidates for SAG Awards should not receive consideration because they signed a petition urging that the strike-authorization ballot should not be sent.

Error Watch: We messed up yesterday when we wrote that Doug Allen sent a letter to members. He sent it to board members and alternates.

--Andrew Salomon

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