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Junk food and Timberlands

We arrived in Park City yesterday afternoon, the day if the opening night film (but before the festival officially began) and two things immediately struck me:

1) It's not as cold as my three-layers-wearing ass was told it would be. This is good news, as I have long wondered if the dwellers in snowy climes knew that they had the OPTION of living in environments that were pre-thawed. I love Sundance (this is my fifth trip to Park City), but would personally prefer it if it were held in Cancun.

2) Park City is an empty, empty place before the festival gets into full swing. The shuttle busses are practically empty. There are no crowds to contend with. Now that I miss -- the whole reason to go to Sundance is for the crowds of film buffs, journalists, celebs, and people who are ABOUT to be celebs all crushed into a hotel lobby so they can all be squeezed like toothpaste into a makeshift theater and MAYBE see the coolest, freshest film they've ever seen.


Alicia's film premieres tonight at midnight, and aside from finding some food with actual nutritional content (sorry, apathetic Ontario Airport Applebees waitress, your food is made of plastic and swadust dipped in glue), we're just winging it today.

Incidentally, the organization of Sundance is something to behold. The info packet alone has more copywrighting and graphic design to it than the average issue of Wired, and although the sponsors don't exactly rival the Oscars and their gift-bag excesses, suffice it to say that I'm the proud owner of a new pair of Timberland boots, which MIGHT be my favorites.

As for the festival, we've only seen one film so far, "Max and Mary," which is the most moving stop-motion animated film I've seen since... Since... Look, I love stop motion but this is probably the ONLY emotionally moving example of the craft. I hope it gets a wide release.

-- Ben Rock

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