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Permission Denied

AuditionlineA lot of great actors make the mistake of thinking that when they go in for an audition, they have to please the casting director.  I hear things like: should I ask them if I can move around or stay in the chair if they have a chair set or should I ask them if they want to see me actually die or it says scream but I am loud...I don't know and so on and so on. 

Actors forget that this is their audition, their moment.  Asking for permission indicates that you don't have confidence in what you bring  to the table and therefore why should they hire you?

Now of course there are exceptions but they are all common sense-based exceptions.  Should you get violent, really?  Well the answer is: No probably not.  They want to see an actor who is in control but can portray violent.   Should you involve the casting director i.e, kiss them, touch them, address them?  The answer again is a resounding 'no'.  

Dreamgirlsopencall But if the script calls for you to writhe in pain and die or run away or scream really loudly, why would you ask?  This is your moment.  If you don't take the risk and go all out, someone else will and you have lost the role.  If you are uncertain you can say, "I have two ways I can go with this,  X way and Y way.  Do you have a preference?"  But only if you must, try not to ask permission if you can avoid it. Go in there, show them that not only do you have the acting chops, but you have the confidence and the ability (when they give you an adjustment) to take direction. 

Go for it and you will more likely get it.  Holding back or seeking approval ain't gonna get you the golden ticket!

-- Heather Langone

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