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NEA Appears Missing on GOP Hit List

Espresso3   If the GOP doesn't slap the NEA, does that mean that it loves the NEA?

TheWrap.com has a list of all the alleged pork in the stimulus bill that the GOP hates--apparently, Republicans can't stand anything that helps prevent STD's, helps people quit smoking, and helps people quit booze. If nothing else, you'd think the GOP would support those specific programs, for the sake of their cronies who used to work in the Interior Department. But we digress. The good news is, if you look at the list closely, it says nothing about $50 million for extra NEA funding. Does that mean it's in the clear? We don't know...

In a similar vein, Variety reports that the Kennedy Center has a program, Arts in Crisis, that will provide free planning assistance to any arts organization that requests it.

AD PRICES FALLING: TVWeek.com reports that prices for prime-time advertising have fallen 15 percent. Less ad money eventually could mean less work/money for actors.

From Jon Lafayette's story: “The continuing decline in ratings—an overall drop of 13% across all the networks from a year ago—couple with a declining broadcast economy is a recipe for lower prices,” said Gary Carr, senior VP and director of broadcast services at the agency. “The networks were forced to drop their prices to get what little scatter money was available from advertisers.”

--Andrew Salomon

For latest on Hollywood labor drama, go to Strike Watch.

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