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Uwe Boll Wants You to Finance His Next Movie


The Hollywood Reporter reported last week that German filmmaker Uwe Boll, known for his horrendous video game movie adaptations (and being petitioned to leave the film business for good last year), is trying a new way to finance his next movie.

Boll is going to the internet, seeking "co-producers" like you and I who are willing to donate 33 euros (about $49) each to raise a total of $18.5 million for Blackout, a "terrorist disaster tale."

Visit the film's website, TheBlackoutFilm.com, to cough up some cash. The site will remain open until March 31. Co-producers will receive a limited edition DVD copy of the film, and will be eligible for other prizes including cash, a chance to win a trip to the set, and more.

But considering it would take about 370,000 "co-producers" donating $50 at a time to reach the stated goal of $18,500,000, we doubt you'll see your name in the credits. We also doubt that there are 370,000 Uwe Boll fans out there.

-- Daniel Lehman

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Uwe Boll is a decent guy.


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