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Jay Leno Proposes 'Comedy Stimulus Plan'

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On last night's March 9 episode of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno announced that he will present an upcoming night of free comedy and entertainment to try to lift the spirits of unemployed autoworkers in Detroit.

Jay's Comedy Stimulus Plan is a free show scheduled for April 7 for 20,000+ out-of-work fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, MI. Tickets will be available at the Palace of Auburn Hills box office beginning at 10 a.m. Monday, March 16. To obtain tickets, participants must provide their photo ID at The Palace of Auburn Hills box office; limit of four tickets per person.

The comedian's love of cars and motorcycles seems like obvious inspiration for a benefit of this sort. But might the show be more "stimulating" if the longtime host was actually still funny?

For more info, visit NBC.com.

-- Daniel Lehman

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Martha Reeves needs to take her meds and go somewhere and sit down. I am a resident of the city of Detroit. Anytime someone wants to do something good for the city our beloved poiticians get their faces in the mix and mess it up. True Auburn Hills is a suburb of Detroit but the publicity and the sentiment behind this is for the heart of the city. Detroit needs to get rid of all of our current officials and start over because if they have their way we will be waiting for the last one out of Dodge to please turn off the light.

Bye the way Thank you Jay Leno for even caring. We have been so blindsided by unemployment and our former Mayor that it felt good to hear someone say something positive about the City. Also we have a drug war and rampant violence problem in the maybe the focus should be placed on that instead of criticizing someone for an act of what appears to be just good.

Perhaps Jay needs a geography lesson. Martha is absolutely right. If it is a Detroit event, then it should be in Detroit. She has been supporting Detroit long before she was elected to office. Ford Field would be just a great of a venue for this show. Even though he will be challeged to top the comedy of the Lions. Oops, I forgot the commuters from the burbs might have to pay to park to take advantage of this show.

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