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Free Q&A With Michael Emerson

Emerson If you're in the L.A. area, I'll be moderating a Q&A Tuesday night with the great Michael Emerson, a.k.a. Ben Linus, a.k.a. Henry Gale, a.k.a. "Benry" from Lost. The event is put together by the good people at SAG Foundation and you need to be a SAG member to attend--just go here to RSVP.

I've had the pleasure of interviewing Emerson on two occasions--once during his first season on the show when his character was still rather nebulous (as if he was less of an enigma now!) The second time was during the show's third season, when I profiled both him and the wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell, a.k.a. Juliet. You can read both interviews here.

One of my favorite stories about Emerson actually came from Mitchell, who revealed that in all her years as a working actor, she had never seen people respond to someone the way they did her co-star. "We were at the airport awhile back and going through security and everyone had to stop him," Mitchell revealed, laughing. "They all had to say, 'Ohhhh you! You're bad! You're bad, aren't you?' And Michael would just calmly look at them and respond, 'Mm? You think so? Really?' " Of course, in person Emerson could not be more lovely and he has such a fascinating career. Please come see for yourself tomorrow night!

--Jenelle Riley

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Was this event filmed by any chance? And are there any statements that might be released to the press and online fan sources?

SAG Foundation films all their conversations for actors to come in and watch at their leisure. You can find more at www.sagfoundation.org.

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