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2009_worlds_greatest_dad_001 I've been out sick but wanted to post my interviews this week with Robin Williams (here) and Bobcat Goldthwait (here), the star and writer/director of "World's Greatest Dad," which opens in L.A. today (it's already out in New York.) I truly loved this movie and am thrilled people have a chance to see it. I was also fortunate enough to moderate a Q&A with the two (by "moderate" I mean "introduce and get out of the way") this week, and my favorite moment was probably when they were asked if they ever regretted saying anything. Goldthwait told a story about making a joke about Michael Jordan while in Chicago and getting booed off the stage. Williams followed that with a story about performing for Prince Charles. At which point Goldthwait interrupted and said, "Do you have any idea how different our lives are? My stories take place at Indian gaming casinos! You start off by saying you performed for the Prince of Wales!"

--Jenelle Riley

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