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"The Stray": A New Twist on Eternal Soul Mates

TheStray Recently I attended a screening of a little indie short called, "The Stray." 

A throwback to good old 70s horror films with it's gritty and indie, albeit gory delivery, "The Stray" is about Micky and Linda, a couple who find love, happiness, violence and death again and again in their reoccurring cycle of insanity and reincarnate evil. It is set in the quiet charm of a century-old Craftsman home in the hills North of Los Angeles. The couple has been through this before--their past lives played out to the same violent end as the one before, and the one before that. Only Micky retains any memory of the past and suffers the insanity of those memories in psychotic states and emotional imprisonment.

Frankly, I was a little reluctant to go in with any expectations to the screening.  Sure, almost all horror is low budget, but I was aware that this was very low budget and produced by a rather new film team at Anonymous Coward Productions.  But on a shoe string budget, I was pleasantly put in my  place.  The story (written by Tom Ford) was interesting and actually refreshingly new.  The production quality--with the exception of a few slight sound glitches, minor really-- was great, and the acting by the actress who played Mickey was subtle, understated, frightening and never over-the-top even when given over-the-top circumstances.  In one of the final scenes, Mickey (played by Monica Ford) must go through every possible emotion and/or behavior, including lust, rage, insanity, and homicidal satisfaction, and Ford, in a word, shines.

The direction and cinematography is excellent.  Allison Evans as Linda certainly holds her own.  "The Stray" has been accepted to the Short Film Corner in Cannes and will undoubtedly play other festivals.  I think Anonymous Coward Productions may have to get used to some notoriety real soon! The jury is still out, but this may be a team to watch.  If you like horror and you like seeing new undiscovered talent, this is probably for you.  To see the trailer click here: The Stray.

Upcoming Screening: It will also be showing at The Bungalow Club in Los Angeles on Sept. 21 at 8:15 PM.

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