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Did You See 'Ghostbusters' in 1954? Or Charlton Heston as 'Indiana Jones'?

Have you ever wondered: "What if that '80s movie was made in the '50s instead?" YouTube user whoiseyevan did -- and then he answered the question:

"What if…Ghostbusters, the movie, was shot in 1954 instead of 1984? Who should be part of the cast? Would they have the same equipment? Who would they battle? Considering Dan Aykroyd’s concept owes a lot to Bob Hope, Abbott and Costello, and Lewis and Martin comedies of the '40s and '50s, it is not that big of a stretch to speculate."

Below, watch "pre-make" trailers for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1951) starring Charlton Heston, and Forrest Gump (1951) starring Jimmy Stewart.

(Spielberg's Indiana Jones owes so much to the films of the '30s, '40s, and '50s that this fake trailer is probably the most appropriate homage of the bunch. The special effects aren't even that much worse than those in 1980. And how about Charlton Heston as Doctor Henry "Indiana" Jones himself? Does he make you forget all about Harrison Ford?)

(The funniest/most amazing part of this idea isn't even technically on screen: James Stewart is not trying to act like Forrest Gump. He's just James Stewart in a variety of James Stewart roles in James Stewart movies. The actor is basically playing himself in this trailer -- but his character has an IQ in double digits. Discuss.)

whoiseyevan describes himself as "a writer/filmmaker trying to get his big break. The videos on my channel were posted to show-off some of my editing, directing, and art direction skills." Bravo.

(Also be sure to watch the frame-by-frame analysis of each trailer, which details where each video clip was found and its significance.

-- Daniel Lehman

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