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Damon: 'Gimme the F***ing Check, Vince!'

In what has to be the funniest celebrity cameo of the year, Matt Damon guest-starred on the season finale of "Entourage," which aired this past Sunday.

In the episode, Damon -- playing a high-strung version of himself -- appears several times trying to solicit a charitable donation from movie star Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) for ONEXONE, a real organization that helps feed underprivileged children.

As the show progresses, Damon becomes increasingly agitated at the way Chase seems to ignore his requests. He even enlists Lebron James and U2's Bono to shame Vince into giving money and donating time.

But the comic pinnacle arrives after the end of the episode's credits. Damon reappears, calling Chase on a cell phone from Haiti, saying he still hasn't received a check. Angry at first, Damon has a complete meltdown, at one point weeping uncontrollably, then calling Chase back to apologize. It was a bravura bit of acting that was hilarious and uncomfortably real simultaneously.

Damon's cameo is the most inspired bit on "Entourage" this season, a show that has become increasingly predictable and sentimental over the last two years. Let's hope the show's creative team can reignite some of the joie de vivre they displayed in episodes like "The Dayf*ckers" and "One Day in the Valley."

A companion piece of sorts appeared last week in the form of a viral video in which Damon directs Chase in a PSA for the charity. Like the "Entourage" finale, Damon slowly loses control with Chase, forcing him to do take after take, with Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold trying to act as a friendly mediator. 

Feeding the 'meta' beast that "Entourage' has become, Damon is actually a real-life spokesman for ONEXONE and H2O Africa, among other charities. (In fact, Damon is headlining a ONEXONE fundraiser in San Francisco on October 22nd.)

-- Tom Penketh

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