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'Peter Pan' Production Ends in Tears, Applause

A student stage production of Peter Pan experienced some hilarious technical difficulties during the final few minutes. (Peter Pan knocks part of set to the stage when making an ill-timed entrance, and moments later an actress is yanked violently from her bed and sent crashing into a window by hidden wires.) Watch the video below:

The YouTube user who posted the video last year writes:

"This is what happens when you mix flying rigs with Greenport... Our 2009 production of Peter Pan went horribly wrong during the last five minutes of opening night. Thus ensued.

This is after a week with the flying professional. None of this is [our] fault. It was a mistake by the rig guys, and we were just tethered to the ceiling."

Thankfully, this "What Happened After" follow-up video shows that the cast and crew were able to pull it together and finish the performance, to the delight of the audience:

Thanks to Comedy.com for drawing our attention to this today.

-- Daniel Lehman

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