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Seeking 'Slumber Party Massacre' People!

A very cool e-mail found its way into my inbox today, from a producer named Jason Collum working on a documentary about the "Slumber Party Massacre" films. As a fan of both documentaries, horror films, and the "Slumber Party Massacre" oeuvre in particular, I was more than happy to help. For those of you not familiar with these films (for shame!!), the original "Slumber Party Massacre" was released in 1982 and featured a killer with a fondness for power tools. What set the film apart from the other slasher films of the era wasn't so much the women on screen, but those behind the camera. The film was written by feminist, poet, and best-selling author Rita Mae Brown. In addition, it was directed by a woman, Amy Holden Jones, who went on to write such girl-power films (in my opinion, at least) as "Mystic Pizza" and "Indecent Proposal." (And yes, we can have a whole discussion on the "feminist" aspect of "Indecent Proposal" some other time.)


The original film went on to spawn several sequels--the first one relied more on humor than gore and starred a pre-"Wings" Crystal Bernard, who is actually one of the actors Collum is seeking. Apparently, Collum is having trouble tracking down some of the cast and crew of the films, as many didn't keep up their SAG memberships. So given the almighty power of the Internet, I thought we'd see if we could help him out by putting out the clarion call here. Below is a list of the people he's looking to contact and using the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Theory, I was hoping that someone might know someone who eventually knows someone on this list. If so, please drop a line to Collum at [email protected]. Or you can even call him (SERIOUS BUSINESS-RELATED CALLS ONLY, GUYS) at 262-344-1285.

Andree Honore
Gina Mari (a.k.a. Gina Smika-Hunter)
Michael Villella
Michelle Michaels
Jennifer Meyers
Rigg Kennedy
Anna Patton
Aaron Lipstadt
Ralph Jones

Kimberly McArthur
Crystal Bernard
Patrick Lowe
Scott Westmoreland
Atanas Illich
Joel Hoffman
Deborah Brock

Keely Christian (a.k.a. Keely Small)
Lulu Wilson
Marta Kober
Maria Claire
Brittain Frye
David Greenlee
Michael Harris
Devon Jenkins (a.k.a. Devon Kidd)
David Kriegel
David Lawrence

So if you can help out, please do. If you can't, treat yourself this weekend and go find the DVD of the original "Slumber Party Massacre" and invite some friends over. Just don't let anyone say: "I'll be right back!"

And for more on the "Slumber Party Massacre" films, check out this great analysis at House of Glib.

--Jenelle Riley

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Thanks for the compliment and link. I can't wait to see this documentary when it's finished!

Don't forget the unofficial "official" website dedicated to the SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE and SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE series - http://www.hockstatter.com

Very cool. I'm friends with some of the people from the films on Facebook. If you want drop me a line and I can give you the links to their pages.

Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical by Angus Kohm was a musical spoof/homage to these movies (as well as other golden age slasher films like Hell NIght, House On Sorority Row, etc. Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical was a huge success on the Fringe Festival Circuit in 1997 and again in 2001. It has also played at many universities and other theatres.


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