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Tune in Tomorrow...

Was just told by a source at Paramount that Jason Reitman, writer/director of "Up in the Air" is scheduled to be on "Oprah" tomorrow. That in and of itself is cool, but apparently Reitman will be there with some of the real people who appeared in the film to recount what it was like to be fired.

If you haven't heard by now, Reitman took out ads in local papers saying he was making a documentary about what it's like to be fired, and had people come in to talk about their experiences. They were interviewed by the film's line producer, then he re-enacted their firing and had them respond to the situation. He put 60 people on camera; 25 ended up in the final movie.

I feel like "Up in the Air," which started out the awards season as the film to beat, has lately been overshadowed by the "Avatar" vs. "The Hurt Locker" smackdown taking place. But as we inch closer to the Oscars, I believe "Air" will regain its momentum and stands a good shot at winning the top prize. Though the film has been doing well at the box office, there's nothing like an Oprah endorsement to help!

--Jenelle Riley

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