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Actress's Performance a Bit Robotic... Literally


You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.

According to AFP, a South Korean-developed robot 'actress' has been performing the title role in "Robot Princess and the Seven Dwarfs."

The five-foot-two inch tall Eve Robot 3 (EveR-3) was developed by South Korea's state-run KITECH in 2006. The android speaks in both Korean and English, and exhibit 16 different facial expressions.

According to Wikipedia, the robot's face is "a composite of two well-known Korean actresses, while the torso is based on a singer, though the names of the celebrities were not revealed."

In 2003, Japan unveiled Actroid, which also mimics human action and speech.

Eve-Robot2EveR-3's performances have become quite a tourist draw. KITECH's Lee Ho-Gil told AFP that the show has been playing to full houses, and that the company plans to try to find more plays for EveR-3 this year.

"Having a robot as the star is a good way to ensure a box office success," the program's director told Botropolis, "though working with a robot is proving to be an unusual challenge." That's a euphemism for the android's tendency to bump into staging, props and its human actor counterparts.

No word yet on whether these performances will count toward EveR-3's Equity card.

-- Tom Penketh

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