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Juliet Landau's "Take Flight" Starring Gary Oldman Premieres Feb. 25th Online

Julet Landau
Juliet Landau

Like a lot of actors, Juliet Landau—most famous for her role as Drusilla in "Buffy" and "Angel"—realized she wanted to take more control over her career by stepping behind the camera. Unlike a lot of actors, her directorial debut "Take Flight" is a bit unorthodox. What began as a simple "making of" for a music video actor Gary Oldman directed on Nokia (N93-1) cell phone cameras turned into a technologically groundbreaking yet intimate glimpse into Oldman’s creative process. "Take Flight" will be available online Thursday, Feb. 25th on julietlandaustakeflight.com.

Not only does the audience get to see a goofier, looser, and even wistful side to the famous actor whose characters are usually borderline psychotic, but because Oldman shot his "Red Rover" music video for Chutzpah solely on cell phones, much of "Take Flight" is from his own POV.

“It’s funny because when you say to someone, ‘Jewish hip-hop band, Gary Oldman, cell phones,’ they’re just like, ‘Huh?’ It’s such a weird mix of things,” admits Landau, whose father is Martin Landau. Her film shows the world what a cell phone camera is capable of in 2010. It has never been easier for an actor to transition to directing and Landau, for one, is relieved to finally be doing it on her terms.

Since making "Take Flight," Landau also co-directed Godhead's music video for "Hero" (godheadhero.com) and co-wrote two issues of the "Angel" comic book about Drusilla. Acting-wise, she recently wrapped the kid's film "Monster Mutt" where she played a blonde Russian baddie Natalya Chernov.

Original Back Stage Article from 2008:


TF Gary Oldman on set
Gary Oldman on "Red Rover" set

--Cassie Carpenter

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