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10 Books That Will Change Your Directing

So I have this friend Ben, who I may have mentioned before--he's the one who hates "Death at a Funeral" with an unnatural passion. In fact, the only thing he hates more than "Death at a Funeral" is probably Tracey Morgan, so imagine his excitement when he learned Neil Labute would be remaking "Death at a Funeral" with Tracey Morgan.

Ben used to be a pretty regular contributor to Back Stage, before his career got busy with directing (check out his awesome low-budget feature "Alien Raiders" and don't blame him for the title) and we began to outsource fewer assignments. Today Ben informed me that our lack of sending him work has "reduced me to blogging" and pointed me towards his new blog. The first entry is a little long, but a good one for anyone thinking of getting into directing for stage or screen. It's called "10 Books That Will Change Your Directing" and you should all check it out here. My guess is Ben won't be including a Neil Labute book on this list.

--Jenelle Riley

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