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Vince Vaughn: Mystery Guest

FilmDrunk has posted a great story about how "Community" creator Dan Harmon wrote a letter to a 7-year-old girl explaining what went wrong with "Monster House," a movie he co-wrote. First of all, Harmon is a damn funny guy--long before he was creating TV shows I remember him from the local improv scene and the guy is genius--and "Community" has improved from its mediocre origins to become one of the best shows on TV. But to call "Monster House" producer Steven Spielberg a "moron" takes some guts. Some very funny guts.

Anyway, the real reason this article took up so much time today is because I was trying to figure out who the guy was that looked like Vince Vaughn in the background and what was he eating? And how did he get there?

We floated several theories--maybe the picture was taken on a show like "Larry King Live" and Vince was the previous guest, just making a quick exit? Maybe he's guesting on an upcoming "Community"?? The mystery soon overtook us, so I Google imaged "Vince Vaughn ice cream." Which brought up this hilarious drawing from doodlewhore:


Then I found a series of pictures of Vince Vaughn eating an ice cream cone, which was obviously the photo that had been pasted into the background of the "Community" picture. Going through the FilmDrunk site, I saw this was something they occasionally did. Case in point:


So I don't know how or why this started, but it had us laughing all morning. I've tried to e-mail FilmDrunk but there's no byline on the story and the information e-mail takes me the main company's general box, but I'll let you know if we ever crack this mystery...

Update! I received a response from FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini, explaining the following: "I first did it a few months ago and then rediscovered him this week.  I think I originally just found it on a random Google image search.  It's just this shot of him walking by (probably a TMZ picture or something) stuffing an ice cream cone into his face with sweat pants on.  It seemed like the quintessential Vince Vaughn picture.  It also makes a great "guy-walking-by-in-the-background" Photoshop.  He really seems like the guy who'd be loading up at craft services and then not realize he was ruining the shot.

I like to keep things interesting with running visual jokes in my banner pics -- there are a few.  Vaughn being one.  There's also Birthday Dog, Autofellatio Walrus, Lobster Dog, Pissed Off Tobey Maguire, Serious Cat, Retard Pig, etc.  Glad you enjoyed it.  Mainly they help me entertain myself."

He couldn't be more right--there is just something hilarious about Vince Vaughn not realizing he's ruining a shot. When I see things like this, it really makes me wish I'd learned Photoshop.

--Jenelle Riley

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