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'Clash of the Titans': A 10-Year-Old's Take

Thanks to Roger Ebert, who pointed Twitter followers to this review of "Clash of the Titans" by a kid. As Ebert tweeted, "This 10-year-old kid is harder on "Clash of the Titans" than I was." This is actually a review I can really get behind, not only because it's concise and amusing, but the kid is right. He puts most online reviewers to shame.

Check out his site, Lights Camera Jackson, to learn more about this hyper-literate, discerning film goer. Apparently he does film reviews for a local radio station as well and I'm betting it won't be too long until Hollywood figures out a use for his charms.

--Jenelle Riley

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Lights-Camera-Jackson is also on TV - he does reviews for the Time Warner stations all over upstate NY and he writes a newspaper column as well.

And he does celebrity interviews. Here's his latest with Goldie Hawn:


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