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Jones and Cooper Confirmed for 'Captain America'

Tommy lee jones and dominic cooper in captain america

In an interview with LeicesterSquareTV, actress Hayley Atwell confirmed recent rumors that Tommy Lee Jones will join the cast of Joe Johnston's upcoming comic book blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger, Comingsoon.net reports. (Atwell stars as love interest Peggy Carter.)

Although his participation is confirmed, Jones' exact role is still unknown. Rumors suggest that he will take on the part of General Chester Phillips, the military officer who chooses and then helps train Steve Rogers in the super soldier program.

Dominic Cooper is also expected to play a part in Captain America. SuperHeroHype only confirms his participation through a conversation Cooper had with journalists backstage at Cannes, after an exclusive interview with Salon.com. According to Salon's Andrew O'Hehir, Cooper told the journalists that his next role is definitely going to be Howard Stark -- a.k.a. Iron Man's dad.

The role of Howard Stark was recently taken on in Iron Man 2 by John Slattery (Mad Men), seen only in '70s-era film reels. It makes sense that a younger actor would be needed to fill Stark's shoes for this film, however, due to the fact that it takes place during WWII. I have no doubt that O'Hehir was correct in telling Cooper there would be "whole universe of bloggers and comic fans closely scrutinizing everything he does in the movie."

Captain America, focused on the early days when Steve Rogers volunteers to be part of the experimental program that turns him into the heroic Captain America, stars Chris Evans in the title role, with Hugo Weaving as villain Red Skull. The movie is scheduled for release July 22, 2011.

-- Alison Mierzejewski

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