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Broadway Says "C'mon LeBron"

Stomp_cmon lebron

We don't often (more like never) talk about the NBA here on Blog Stage. But this summer's historic free agency market, which began yesterday, is special because fans across the country are getting creative in their attempts to woo superstar LeBron James to their cities. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the "C'mon LeBron" campaign to lure James into a Knicks uniform next year -- and he's gotten support from some unlikely fans from Broadway and the New York theater community. WSJ notes that the casts of Stomp, Promises, Promises, and Chicago have all taped short videos or messages that weave the LeBron campaign into their show's concept.

The orchestra voices from the Broadway musical Promises, Promises, for example, love LeBron James and want him to come to New York City to play for the Knicks. This special edition of "Lessons From The Cage" gives LeBron James 26 reasons why he should move to New York City:

Stomp has also joined the “C’mon LeBron” campaign in an attempt to woo the NBA's biggest star to NYC. The cast of Stomp recorded a one-minute routine, with letters spelling out "C'mon LeBron" fastened to the undersides of garbage-can lids. (Click here to watch the video on Facebook.)

"There are a few of us in the show who are die-hard basketball fans," Stomp cast member Keith Middleton told WSJ. "And we're also LeBron James fans. Who wouldn't be a LeBron James fan?"

Fans in other cities have also recorded musical love letters to James. But if LeBron is a fan of musical theater -- like fellow professional jock Mark Sanzchez, quarterback for the New York Jets -- he knows what uniform will fit him best next year. Do you think the King is listening?

-- Daniel Lehman

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