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Lea Michele Still Campaigning for 'Funny Girl' Role

Lea michele This morning, Glee raked up 19 Emmy nominations, most notably for a Best Comedy nod. The Fox series is the only show this year to have actors nominated in all four major categories: Matthew Morrison (Lead Actor), Lea Michele (Lead Actress), Jane Lynch (Supporting Actress), and Chris Colfer (Supporting Actor).

The New York Times "Arts Beat" caught up with resident drama queen Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). Michele, who was also nominated for a Golden Globe this year for her brilliant performance, was rightfully excited and grateful. At the same time, she managed to yet again campaign for the part of Fanny Brice in the upcoming Broadway revival of Funny Girl. (This campaign began last winter when she sang "Don’t Rain on My Parade" on Glee’s winter finale, and continued when she performed the song again at this year’s Tony Awards.) Speaking to the NY Times today, she takes her commitment to the next level, saying:

“I literally would film Glee during the day, fly at night, play Fanny Brice, get back on a plane, go play Rachel Berry, do a Fanny Brice matinee, go film Glee at night. It’s such an incredible role, but right now Rachel’s only a sophomore. I have to make sure she graduates first. I have to get her that diploma.”

As much as I want to see Michele in this part on Broadway, I am reluctant. On one hand, she has both the talent and respect to play Brice. As someone who saw her in the Tony Award-winning musical Spring Awakening too many times, I know she has the chops to pull off the character, and it would thrilling to see her on stage again; she also has a reverence for both Brice and Barbara Streisand, so she would certainly give it everything she’s got. Plus, hey, she’s got the nose.

On the other hand, I don’t want to see the actress to be stretched so thin that she can’t deliver either Franny Brice or Rachel Berry to her fullest potential. Even if she plays both, she is going to be so tired and drained as a performer that she will probably lose her voice after a month or so. Maybe she can persuade the producers to put a hold on the production until Rachel Berry has graduated? Rachel could even go on to star in Funny Girl!

Just take a page out of your own book, Lea, and "Don’t Stop Believing!"

-- Elizabeth Espinoza

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i don't want to see her leave glee. but i would fly to new york to watch her in funny girl.

I don't like how people are acting as if she is actively campaigning for the role or that she sang Don't rain on my parade at the Tony's for the sole purpose of audition for Fanny Brice.

She has mention Funny Girl time and time again before the rivival was even known about. She recorded DROMP for glee last July.

Now people are asking her about it, she has no choice but to answer and since she loves the musical what else is she going to say. NO way. All she can say is she love to but glee comes first.

I it is moslty coincidence that all this has played out at the same time.

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