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'Mad Men' Actress Poses for Playboy

Crista flanagan_playboy cover_crop

Crista Flanagan, who plays the recurring role of secretary Lois Sadler on the AMC series Mad Men, is this month's Playboy cover girl. Flanagan poses in a recreation of '60s pinup style in her photo spread in the August issue.

The Huffington Post reports:

It's the same pose Toni Lacey struck for the 1960 cover, and inside the magazine Crista, 34, recreates more 60s pinups in a feature accompanied by reproductions of vintage ads.

“I really did feel like I was re-creating something and that I was bringing to life these women who already posed for Playboy in the ’60s," Flanagan told Playboy. "If I tell a friend I did this, they think I'm completely naked... This was not Crista filling your wish list out. This was trying to capture an era.” (Or, this was Playboy probably trying to capture other Mad Men leading ladies before settling on a minor supporting character -- even if said character did memorably run over somebody's foot with a John Deere lawnmower.)

See two full photos from Flanagan's Playboy spread below:

Crista flanagan_playboy cover 

Crista flanagan_playboy pic

What do you think? Are these pics suitably "retro" to capture the swinging '60s that Mad Men brings to life so vividly? And could this be a sign that Flanagan's role on the hit series is going to be a bit more significant in the upcoming fourth season?

Mad Men returns July 25 on AMC.

-- Daniel Lehman

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That's Lois? Looks nothing like her.

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