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Dead Set

Thanks to THR's James Hibberd at The Live Feed blog for posting the trailer for AMC's upcoming series "The Walking Dead." The show is set to premiere Sunday, Oct. 31--Halloween night. The pilot was directed by Frank Darabont, who is also producing and writing the series, an adaptation of the Image Comic. Not sure if that's a selling point or not, to be honest. After hitting a grand slam with his feature film debut "The Shawhank Redemption," Darabont bored me with his take on another Stephen King adaptation, "The Green Mile." The book was so filmic, but even with a great cast, the movie fell short. "The Majestic" had potential, but Darabont got caught in Jim Carrey's trying-too-hard phase. But "The Mist"--based on yet another King short story--is a majorly underrated horror-thriller. So maybe he's at home in this genre and "The Walking Dead" will be a smashing success. Here's hoping.

Oh, speaking of Carrey, doesn't this "Walking Dead" zombie bear a striking resemblance?

--Jenelle Riley

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