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Lean on Him


While everyone is busy reporting the casting of Rooney Mara in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" or bemoaning the weak box office of "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," I thought I would lighten things up by pointing to a Facebook group I can really get behind--Matthew McConaughey Can't Stand Up By Himself. I have to admit I'd never really noticed how poor the actor's posture is before. Thanks to the great website Lamebook--which rounds up the worst (or best, depending on your perspective) of Facebook for bringing this to my attention and the group's creator, Joy Kudia. Though a couple photos are a little mean-spirited, the site gave me my first real laugh today. So you should join--she's only 549 people away from her goal of 4,500 members, at which point she will buy McConaughey crutches!

--Jenelle Riley

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