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Ted Leo Takes On Musical Theater

New Jersey punk rocker Ted Leo has completed work on a secret new musical theater project with his band The Pharmacists. With the urging of Broadway producer Reginald VanVoorst, the band has staged The Brutalist Bricks: The Musical, their own version of a jukebox rock musical.

But in fact, it's a FunnyorDie.com music video for the single "Bottled in Cork," which lovingly parodies Green Day's hit Broadway show American Idiot. (VanVoorst is played by comedian Paul F. Tompkins; also look for appearances by Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman, comedian Julie Klausner, and Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles.)

Watch the video below:

Leo might be asking for trouble when he says, "You're talking about one of those half-assed musicals that's gonna cheapen our music and embarrass everyone involved." But we think Green Day, and other rock stars, will have to appreciate the joke.

As part of an "MAJORLY MASSIVE CAREER TRAJECTORY NEWS! YOU MIGHT SAY, “PARADIGM SHIFT,” EVEN!!," an enlightening essay about his career and the difficulty of making a living playing punk music, Leo wrote the following cryptic message on Friday:

For now, though, I’m talking about something else that has always been another love of mine – musical theatre. From my years spent with the Yates family, travelling around the northeast on weekends doing Disney movies brought to life on the stage for other children, to my high-school turn as Nicely Nicely, to Judas/John the Baptist in Godspell in college, performing in that other context, in that other WORLD, is something I’ve always loved, and have, indeed, missed...

To make a long story a little less long by cutting down the details from here on out, we were already filming a documentary... when I was approached by a gentleman named, perfectly (I don’t think he’d mind me saying), Reginald VanVoorst about working on ANOTHER piece of musical theatre, and with cameras rolling, as luck would have it, I accepted.

Inspired by Julie Taymor’s Beatles show, Julie Taymor's Bon Jovi show, and of course, the ineffable genius of the Green Day extravaganza...

I am so proud of what we’ve achieved here, and I can’t wait for you to see it!

It is, hopefully, the new direction I’ve been seeking and a new path that I hope you’ll walk with me.

That's is a pretty awesome (dare we say punk?) way to tease his new music video, which debuted yesterday on FunnyorDie.

-- Daniel Lehman

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