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Toronto Dispatch: Martin Sheen

One of the coolest parts of the Toronto Film Festival is you never know who you might run into at any given point in any given day. Case in point--just happened to catch Martin Sheen walking by while waiting for another interview at the Intercontinental Hotel bar. I wasn't the only one to stop him; every few feet, someone had a story to tell the actor, and he was gracious with everyone, asking questions and seeming to be genuinely interested. I told him I had caught his stage performance earlier this year in "The Subject Was Roses" at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. Sheen starred in the 1964 Broadway production as the son of Jack Albertson; this year, he played the Albertson role in the revival. After learning I'd seen the show, he jokingly (I think) asked, "Was I good that night?" The answer is yes...hard to believe Sheen could ever have a bad night. 

Sheen is in town with the film "The Way," written and directed by his eldest son, Emilio Estevez, who previously directed him in the films "Bobby" and "The War at Home." Sheen was every inch the proud papa when I asked him what Estevez's strengths are as a director. 

--Jenelle Riley

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