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Toronto Dispatch: 'Bunraku'

Some films defy easy description--so rather than even try, I'm going to let Josh Hartnett do it for me. He seems to have it down, and looks better in glasses than me, too. What I can tell you about "Bunraku," which premiered Saturday night at the Toronto Film Festival in the Midnight Madness slot, is that it features a great cast--including Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Ron Perlman, and Kevin McKidd--and is set in a future that feels influenced by comic books, film noir, and kung fu...among other elements. Hartnett stars as an Eastwood-ish gunslinger (sans gun, as firearms are banned) who breezes into town to take down Perlman's evil Woodcutter. I'll let Hartnett take it from there, as I caught him and writer-director Guy Moshe the day after the big premiere. Some crazy pictures from the film after the jump.

--Jenelle Riley

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