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Toronto Dispatch: Journeyman and Hellboy

I blogged yesterday about "Bunraku," the very original, very odd movie from Guy Moshe that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Today, I bring you video from two of the film's stars, Kevin McKidd and Ron Perlman. In the film, Perlman plays the head baddie and McKidd is his main henchman. I know that both actors are currently starring on hit shows--McKidd on "Grey's Anatomy" and Perlman on "Sons of Anarchy." But to me, McKidd will always be "Journeyman," from the show I first spotted him on, and Perlman is now and forever Hellboy. McKidd is so adorable laughing in these videos, I might start watching "Grey's" again. Bonus video after the jump: McKidd and Perlman talk about their worst auditions!

--Jenelle Riley

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