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'Black Swan' Writers on Podcast

Finally had a chance to listen to Creative Screenwriting's podcast with "Black Swan" co-writers Andres Heinz and Mark Heyman. Jeff Goldsmith always does a great job with his Q&As--which I can't say for a lot of moderators--and found this one particularly interesting. You can also hop on over there and check out the "127 Hours" podcast, another good one. Of course, you should see the films first, as there are major spoilers since Goldsmith goes into very deep detail.

I found this discussion about the genesis of "Black Swan" of particular interest because it actually started out as a screenplay called "The Understudy," by Heinz. That script involved a Broadway actress being haunted by a double, who was meant to be played by the same performer. It's fascinating to hear how that script morphed into what is now "Black Swan."

"Black Swan" has gotten a huge boost from awards groups lately, and I'm surprised that few people are talking about how it actually has a shot at Best Picture. It managed to snag the coveted Ensemble nomination from SAG, widely considered to be the equivalent of Best Picture, whereas films like "True Grit" didn't get the nod. And the individual nomination for Natalie Portman was expected, but the nod to Mila Kunis in supporting surely shows how much support this film has. Not to mention the fact that the movie is burning up the box office, even showing in fewer theaters than many releases. I'd advise keeping an eye on this dark horse "Black Swan."

--Jenelle Riley

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