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Cory Monteith Lands New Role As 'Glee' Graduation Date Nears

Cory monteith Fans of Glee's starting quarterback will soon be able to see him in a new light: Deadline.com reports that Glee leading man Cory Monteith is set to star in and produce an untitled "workplace comedy." The production company behind the film also worked on Monteith’s upcoming movie Monte Carlo and "liked what they saw," according to Deadline.

This news comes at a time when Monteith needs it most, preparing for his post-Glee career by aging his onscreen persona beyond high school (Monteith is 28). Monteith might be out of a job soon anyway, as Ryan Murphy recently announced that he has made the decision to let his McKinley High glee club members graduate starting in 2012.

"Every year we’re going to populate a new group," Murphy told Australia’s Herald Sun. "There’s nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot." Though he admits it will be hard to let some of these characters go, he also states, "I think you have to be true to the fact that here is a group of people who come and go in these teachers’ lives — they graduate and they’re gone."

It’s a bittersweet announcement with pros and cons: some of the actors are pushing 30, but it hurts my heart a little that the characters I love so dearly will be given the boot. As grating as she is, Rachel Berry as played by Lea Michele is the epitome of a social outcast destined for greatness, and her constant fighting for solos and moving ballads will be extremely missed.

"I was concerned about that (whether to have characters graduate and leave the show)," Murhpy added, "because those kids caught on so quickly – but I think one of the things I'm very happy we’ve been able to do this years is we’ve brought in new characters."

This is really the only move that could work for the longevity of the show beyond its first couple of season, eventually turning the series into a platform for young singer-actors who will be able to show off their diverse talent to a mainstream audience. Other sows like Skins and Degrassi have graduated their characters successfully, with many of those actors jumping into bigger careers: Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult left Skins and are now two of the most promising actors in Hollywood, and rap superstar Drake first rapped in an episode of the high school drama Degrassi, in which he starred as Jimmy. The trick, though, is to introduce new characters with similar social issues but who offer a fresh perspective. (For example, Degrassi replaced gay Marco del Rossi with closeted jock Riley Stavros and transgender Adam Torres.)

* * * * *

In other Glee news:

Katie couric Jane Lynch revealed that not only will Katie Couric guest star in the upcoming post-Superbowl episode of Glee, but she will also definitely sing. Lynch told Access Hollywood, "She’s also doing a dance with [Matthew Morrison]. She’ll be doing 'Tea for Two'." (For those who don’t know the song, it’s a jazz standard from the 1925 musical No, No, Nanette.)

But if Couric is indeed singing "Tea for Two," why is she really singing on the show at all? To quote a friend of mine, "Someone who sings that song knows that they don’t have a strong voice, but is showing off their sense of rhythm."  The news anchor doesn’t have the vocal chops of Carol Burnett or Gwyneth Paltrow, that’s for sure.

* * * * *

The cast performed live in London this weekend at The X Factor semi-finals. Putting all those auto tune complaints to rest, New Directions rocked "Don’t Stop Believin'" once again.

And Darren Criss and the boys of New Directions' new rivals The Warblers performed their hit cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" at the Trevor Project’s benefit last night, alongside Katy Perry herself. To say the performance was awesome is not strong enough.

Glee should take a note from the performances this weekend and focus on what people loved about the show in the first place: characters we see ourselves in, and kick-ass musical numbers. Let’s hope that the upcoming Christmas episode gives us exactly that.

-- Elizabeth Espinoza

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