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Larry King Plans Comedy Tour to Follow Final Show

Larry king The final episode of Larry King Live airs tonight on CNN, and veteran interviewer Larry King already has plans for his next project.

In an interview published in New York magazine in late November, the 77-year-old King revealed that he intends to try a new career as a stand-up comic. And he's already scheduling a comedy tour! From "101 Minutes with Larry King":

"I've got a lot of people talking to me," he says. "I might do Internet stuff." One definite project is a comedy tour. "I'm funny," says King. "I’m going to do stand-up. That's what I love."

And during a more recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, King explained:

"I want to do some comedy. You know, I do a lot of conventions and stuff, speak a lot. I like making people laugh, telling stories... A comic has something nobody else has: The power to walk on a stage, have an audience in the grasp of your hands, and make 'em laugh. There's nothing like that. There's no bigger high. It's bigger than sex!"

Do you think that Larry King, who has so often become the butt of old-age jokes and suspender-based punchlines in recent years, will be able to win over a comedy club audience and earn laughs of his own?

One of King's greatest strengths as an interviewer has always been his innate curiosity coupled with genuine interest and observation (characterized by New York mag as his "What the fuck do I know?" approach) -- two skills that are essential not only for any journalist, but also for comedians. But he should probably avoid pop culture references, since his seem limited to the days of Yogi Berra and Edward R. Murrow. ("I'm talking about Sinatra, and they're talking about Lady Gaga," he told New York.)

On the other hand, he has more than 50 years of experience in the radio, TV, and news industries from which to gather material. The problem is, can he be intentionally funny, or just charmingly humorous? Or maybe King will just surprise everyone with his own version of Aziz Ansari's alter ego Raaaaaaaandy!.

The Comic's Comic has uncovered two YouTube clips of King performing stand-up at the USANA Health Sciences convention in 2009. Watch these videos and decide for yourself if you'll be seeing Larry King with a cover charge and two-drink minimum:

-- Daniel Lehman

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