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Actress Describes Audition for 'Spring Awakening' National Tour

Sarah Kleeman, who plays all of the adult female roles in the current nonunion national touring production of Spring Awakening, describes her audition for the show in the following video:

Kleeman has been an opera singer for 10 years, but says she always wanted to cross over into musical theater. She was called and asked to audition by video submission, rather than an in-person audition, and was surprised when she actually got the part.

Did any of our other readers get cast in this Spring Awakening national tour after reading the casting notices in Back Stage and auditioning? Leave your comments below to let us know if you've been cast in this or any other NETworks national tours, or to share your experiences regarding video auditions in place of casting calls. And be sure to check Back Stage regularly for future casting notices and audition opportunities from NETworks.

-- Daniel Lehman

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