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Cutting 'The King's Speech'

The L.A. Times has an interesting piece on how "The King's Speech" may be re-edited in order to obtain a lower MPAA Rating. While this sounds colossally stupid, it's even stupider that the film was rated R in the first place. Apparently the rating was for language, particularly a key scene in which Colin Firth's character uses the f-word several times in frustration. It's a funny, pivotal, important scene and I hate for the film to use it. Director Tom Hooper cited violent films like "Salt" and "Quantum of Solace," which obtained PG-13 ratings despite some very graphic scenes. I would add to that the recent "Season of the Witch"--which I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I paid to see--and was shocked to realize that a film containing tons of violence, partial nudity, and tons of scenes of people covered in oozing boils from the Black Plague--was PG-13. And I can't imagine any parent would prefer their child seeing that film over "The King's Speech"...for a variety of reasons.

--Jenelle Riley

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