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Matrix 4 and 5? That Was the Rumor

Matrix-best On Jan. 23, Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles published an email sent by someone named "El Nino." The reader claimed to have attended a London event during which Keanu Reeves spoke about upcoming projects, including new "Matrix" pictures.

Yes, the Wachowski Brothers supposedly wrote a script for two "Matrix" sequels -- best of all, the new films were to be shot in 3-D (save your excitement or lengthy rage-filled rant until the end of the paragraph). It didn't take long for blogs and new sources to pick up the rumor, including The Guardian and New York Post.

Way before "Inception," the Matrix trilogy made questioning reality cool.  So, fittingly, this rumor is a hoax.

  According to Playlist and Wired, both Keanu Reeves' representatives and a Warner Bros. spokesperson have denied the story vehemently. However, there were truths contained within the email.

Keanu Reeves is in a film called "Henry's Crime"; the star is committed to a movie called "47 Ronin" that is supposed to have awesome samurai battles; the Wachowski Brothers are developing a movie named "Cloud Atlas," as odd as the title sounds; and Warners Brothers did purchase the Wachowski-written "futuristic Robin Hood tale" but not for $5 million.

Even though the last two "Matrix" films are considered disappointments, they both did well at the box office. New "Matrix" sequels in 3-D does not sound so farfetched in a post-"Avatar" world.

Whether you want to or not, you may soon be offered the chance to take another tumble down the rabbit hole. Just don't do it with a guy calling himself "El Nino" that I can't help but picture looking like Chris Farley.

-- Frank Nestor

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Actually Dark City was the first movie in this genre to question reality.

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