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Sundance '11 Notes: You'll Believe it When You See It

Troll hunter
Yesterday I wrote here that I was disappointed in general by what I've seen of this year's Sundance. Well, yesterday I hadn't yet seen "The Troll Hunter." Not to spoil anything for you, but "Troll Hunter" is a film from Norway about a guy who hunts trolls. It's nice when you get that much clarity from a title.

I watched "Troll Hunter" last night in a midnight screening at the Egyptian Theater on Park City's Main Street, which was filled with people who were probably also really excited about the Roger Corman documentary here. It was the perfect way to take in a fun, popcorny movie and the perfect way to end this festival, which I'm leaving today. But our coverage will continue through the end of the week, with profiles of more up and coming actors from Sundance. For now, check out our new piece today on Paul Batiste, star of the film "Lord Byron."

--Daniel Holloway

Pictured: Lobby display for "The Troll Hunter"

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