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Blockbuster Preparing for Sale

According to the Wall Street Journal, instead of seeking reorganization in bankruptcy court, Blockbuster executives are in the middle of preparing for a sale. Billionaire Carl Icahn is one of the front-runners likely to buy the chain. Blockbuster's creditors, which include Icahn, could not agree on a restructuing plan to help the company emerge from bankruptcy. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy on September 23, 2010.

Read the story at Wall Street Journal.

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You'd be surprised what fools there are out there (*cough* Carl Icahn) that may very well burn more money to keep this zombie alive. It'd be in the best interests of all to skip selling and go straight to liquidating.

Blockbuster should have never gone away from the basic's and that was The VHS because the VHS is better quality recording and last longer. There is still money to be made in VHS tapes. Plus the rental price is high. The Red Box can only hold so many movies and the rental box or online rentals does not give that extra feeling of what movies should be.

What if Blockbuster not just sold soda's candy and pop corn but fresh pope corn in those large containers just like the theaters people will return to blockbuster. Just give the people a little extra for their family entertainment. Why not rent out Pop Corn Makers or sell them.

Movie Projectors too. All the things that a family needs to bring the feeling of true home entertainment in their home. Go back to the good old days. Be the only place where you can buy those old time large ice cream sandwish,the large cotton candy and other things that made movie going so great.

Give that little extra;

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