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Meet Your 2012 Academy Awards Co-Hosts

Okay, the Academy Awards are over. And no matter what you thought of James Franco and Anne Hathaway as this year's hosts, chances are the Academy will be looking for some new talent to emcee the ceremony next year.

On Friday, Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris submitted their audition for the gig when they reenacted some of this year's Oscar-nominated films, "to show you that acting really isn't that hard." Start writing those "Ellen and NPH 4 Oscars 4 Ever" petitions now:

We think their low-budget, quick-change skit easily beats Franco and Hathaway's pre-taped Oscars intro from last night:

(Plus, here's the Grease musical tribute footage that was cut from last night's broadcast.)

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I loved when whoopie hosted the Oscars.... it was like being at a big party and Whoopie was the host. I remembered the one year when she was dressed in a different costume almost every 30 minutes to reflect each best picture nom. She had me in stiches and you really felt she had some level of control over the show. This year's Oscars reminded me of two kids trying to do a show in their livingroom. It was boring and you clap just to make them feel better. Bring Whoopie back!

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