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Read a Comic Strip by James Franco

Actor and Academy Awards co-host James Franco joined Twitter last week, and it seems like he's getting the hang of it pretty quickly. Check out this inscrutable yet oddly disturbing theater-themed comic strip he posted over the weekend (our apologies for Franco's potty mouth):

James franco twitter comic

Let's put our reading glasses on and discuss the meaning of Franco's art. What does this tell us about the inner psyche of the actor? Leave your comments to share your thoughts.

-- Daniel Lehman

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this is actually a comic strip about how he became an actor. He has said that in high school his girlfriend was into acting. She had a play coming up, and James told her not to do it because in it she had to kiss another guy. She decided to do it against his wishes. So to spite her he auditioned for some role, and won it. I think they shortly broke up.

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