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After Miss Julie: What the People Who Say Things Are Saying About 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark'

0310 spidey Julie Taymor is out as director of the much-maligned Broadway musical "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." New helmer (can someone please come up with a less Variety-esque synonym for "director"?) Philip William McKinley and script doctor Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa are in. Opening night, which had been scheduled for March 15, has been moved, according to the official announcement, to "an evening in early summer, 2011"—which means you still have time to get your office-pool picks in. Musical consultant Paul Bogaev and sound designer Peter Hylenski have also been added to the creative team. There's no word yet on when or if the show will close for three weeks so that creative changes can be instituted, as has been widely reported. Somewhere Michael Riedel stands gazing out an estate window, chuckling to himself and cradling a snifter of brandy.

Of course, the Internet has a lot to say about all this. Here's a sampling:

• The New York Times has the most exhaustive report, complete with quotes from Taymor's supporters, who are very sad. “Julie’s an extremely sensitive person, and she has always felt like a mother to her plays, a mother to her characters,” Jeffrey Horowitz, artistic director of New York’s Theater for a New Audience, told the Times. “This is like a mother being taken away from her family. She loves that family. She wants that family.” It's worth noting here that most mothers don't send their children plummeting 20 feet into the orchestra pit, where they fracture their spines.

• Speaking of Riedel—who has probably been compared to the Green Goblin so many times that he sees Willem Dafoe in the mirror—his New York Post column was last updated before the official announcement, but it's still filled with juicy juiciness. The best bit? Riedel reports that Mr. "Social Network" himself, Aaron Sorkin, was asked to help rework the book. Sorkin apparently rebuffed producers' advances, probably by waving his Oscar at them in a threatening way.

• Time Out New York' Adam Feldman continues to use strikethrough better than anyone else working this story.

• Most of the geek-culture blogs have been pretty quiet about the news, which maybe illustrates one of the major gripes against the show—that it deviates too far from the classic Pater Parker story and alienates people with longstanding affection for that story. From the world of nerds, The Beat's Heidi MacDonald offers this blunt and spot-on assessment: "Seriously, how could you have predicted the scene when fucking BONO would have to step out in front of a theatrical group and take the reins as creative leader, saying they had to move forward without the director he himself had chosen?"

• Finally, if you've been wondering whether Kraven the Hunter would see the show, take a moment to enjoy this gem from Village Voice cartoonist Ward Sutton. Excelsior!

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I'm not surprise at all. The show does not work! It was not a good idea to begin with. Remember BIG The Musical? Bad idea! I just
watched Frida, the film directed by Miss Taymor, and it reminded me all over again what a great talent she is. Now she can get back to work on projects that are equal to her level of ability! Once and for all turn off Turn off the Dark!!!

Please stop..... Is this the best these old farts can do. New talent for a new generation. I finally understand the saying "No place for old men". Ta dah!!! Someone said it.

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