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Sony and TeenNick Eyeing Facebook's Potential

Sony Pictures executive John Calkins said that the studio is "looking at" possibly distributing movies through social networking websites, reported The Hollywood Reporter. At the 2011 Media Summit New York, Calkins was asked about Warner Bros. recently announced distribution deal with Facebook. He responded that the agreement would test the potential of selling films on social networking sites and reaching new audiences. Calkins and others speaking at the event reportedly believed that social media-film deals will be useful following the DVD release of a flick, especially for older films.

If a studio is no longer actively marketing a title, but Facebook users are fans of the film, then those consumers will continue to promote it by making groups or even renting the movie on the website. Viacom's TeenNick recognizes the influence of Facebook users as well. Entertainment Weekly reports that this fall the cable channel will air a late night block featuring many of Nickelodeon's popular shows from the 1990s, including "Kenan & Kel" and "Clarissa Explains It All." TeenNick execs developed the idea after noticing millions of social networkers giving attention to "classic" Nickelodeon programs.

The good news is that movie studios and cable channels understand that Facebook is popular and is a way to reach the consumer. The bad news is they will attempt to reach the consumer as much as possible through that platform. 

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