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Steve Carell Says Goodbye to His 'Office' Fans

Steve Carell's final episode of The Office aired last night on NBC, concluding a string of episodes in which we watched the cast's bittersweet goodbyes to both the actor and his character, Michael Scott. During his last week on the set of The Office, co-star Angela Kinsey visited Carell's trailer to record this farewell message to his fans:

Carell on his co-stars:

"One of the things that's special about all the actors in the show, is -- even your character [Angela] is so cold and awful, but you're such a warm person that that bleeds through. That comes through, and I think that's important, because everyone seems human. Because you know what? Ultimately, everyone is an actual human being who portrays these characters, so I think it really helps."

"I've made an enormous mistake, and I think that I probably shouldn't be going," Carell jokes about his departure, but with a tear in his eye. "I've been pretty emotional the last couple of weeks too, and one of the things [my wife] said, that I thought really hit the nail on the head, was that it's a part that has kind of defined me professionally. But on top of that, she said, 'These are your friends.' So that is why the show has been so important to me."

So, who will you miss more on The Office: Steve Carell, or Michael Scott? Leave your comments below to share your thoughts.

-- Daniel Lehman

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