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Virus Attacking Tinseltown's Popular Computer

Mac programs, like Final Cut Pro and Final Draft, have helped make Apple computers popular for those in the entertainment industry. Many Apple owners, however, in the last few weeks have accidentally downloaded a set of Trojan horses reported The Wrap. A window appeared on the victims' screens saying their computer had a virus. There actually was no virus, but they were told to click to remove it. When they do, they download malware that tells them their computer is still infected. The victims were advised to enter credit card information for a "Mac Defender" to eliminate the non-existent virus. When they followed the instructions, those people lost vital financial information. Apple said earlier this week it will offer a software update to automatically eradicate Mac Defender malware. 

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Always, ALWAYS, check before submitting anything financial online. We Mac people have gotten used to the PC being the target of these scummy **** pirating through the PC back door, but these people look for new territory to explore.

Always backup, and always check.

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