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Hulu's Going on Sale

Hulu is about to put itself up for sale. On Wednesday, Los Angeles Times reported that the company had approached investment banks Guggenheim Partners and Morgan Stanley to facilitate a potential sale, which would be in roughly two weeks. This development came a day after Yahoo approached Hulu to discuss a possible acquisition, but no formal bid has been made. The involvement of investment banks indicates that Hulu's owners, News Corp., Walt Disney Co., NBCUniversal parent Comcast Corp. and Providence Equity, want out of the company.

Hulu has been facing challenges lately trying to balance pays walls and free content. Some media heads believe the website's popularity may hinder traditional television business. Television and cable satellite companies pay fees to air network content while many of those same shows are on Hulu for free. A potential new owner of Hulu will have to grapple with finding a way to guarantee content amid these difficulties. Deadline said that a new owner would need to be extremely wealthy because odds are it would have to purchase new content.
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