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New 'Magdalene' Musical Accused of Anti-Semitism

 When religion mixes with performance art, there’s bound to be controversy. The new off-Broadway musical “The Magdalene” is no exception.

On Wednesday, the show’s producers met with representatives of the New York office of the Anti-Defamation League in response to an e-mail saying the show contains anti-Semitic elements, The New York Times reported.

The musical, based on the Gnostic Gospels, tells a story of Mary Magdalene that is different from the traditional version. Mary Magdalene, played by Lindsie Van Winkle, is not a prostitute and has a romantic relationship with Jesus, or Yeshuda as he is called in the show, played by Shad Olsen.

After the meeting Angelo Fraboni, the show’s producer and general manager, said he would consider revising some dialogue.

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