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Australian Actors Face Foreign Competition

Tonicollette Australian actors could be facing a foreign assault on jobs. The government has proposed a loosening of restrictions on the use of overseas actors, which could be disastrous for unemployed television actors. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the overhaul is meant to encourage Australian content production and increase the number of jobs; however, actors do not see it that way.

The proposed changes would allow up to 50 percent of a cast to be foreign and still consider a program as Australian content on television. Actors Equity has published an open letter to the Arts minister with over 120 performers’ signatures protesting the move.

Pictured: Australian actress Toni Collette (Photo: Getty Images)

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What are they whining about? How is this any different from we've seen here in the states?... Actors from Australia and the UK taking all these major roles in American features/TV?

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