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Miniseries Need CDs Too

I'll get this out of the way first. Production has begun on ABC's "Pan Am" and I can confirm that the casting is being done by Chrystie Street Casting. So now every fall network show is accounted for in the production charts. (If a show is missing from the L.A. charts, check the N.Y. charts.)

I'll also get this out of the way, since if I keep talking about TV shows the headline is going to look weird: TNT's revival of the—um, classic?—show "Dallas" is being cast by Patrick Rush Casting, who also did the pilot. No shoot date is set, but they will most likely get under way within the next 30 days, in Dallas. I would make some sort of "Who shot J.R.?" joke or something, but I'm too young to remember this show. I'll just say that I think Patrick Ewing should play himself.

Okay, so, miniseries seem to be experiencing a mini-revival of sorts (on this side of the pond , anyhow; the Brits have always loved their "serials"), which is good, I think, even if the main reason is probably to challenge HBO in the Emmy category that it dominates more or less totally. There's "The Firm" from NBC, which I mentioned before, set to start shooting in Toronto next month. There's the "Hatfields & McCoys," which History announced in May, being cast by Fern Champion ahead of an October shoot in Romania. And earlier this week, A&E greenlit a four-parter based on Stephen King's "Bag of Bones." Casting for that project is being handled by Lynn Kressel, and it's scheduled to begin shooting in August in Nova Scotia. So even if they aren't filming in the States, at least they're being financed here and aired here by networks other than HBO. As far as I can tell, emulating HBO has always been good business. Just ask any one of the 80 million producers who have successfully pitched a project as " 'True Blood' meets [insert any film or TV title from the last 40 years]." Sigh.

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