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Reliance and Digital Domain Open Studio in India, U.K.

Reliance MediaWorks has partnered with visual effects company Digital Domain to open studios in the London and Mumbai. This new studio will provide post-production services for movies, TV shows and commercials, according to The Los Angeles Times. This is only the latest deal for Reliance, which operates a chain of Indian theaters and recently provided half the funding for the newly independent DreamWorks Studios.

In addition to taking advantage of India’s lower labor costs and the United Kingdom’s strong film tax credit, the partnership emphasizes Hollywood’s increasing trend of globalization. Utilizing resources located worldwide, filmmakers are able to expand their market and talent pool.
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i would like to be an actor . iam 25 years old . i can speak comunacate and speak english 65 %. iam from saudi arabia but i have indian loock ( face ) . now iam in oklahoma usa.

Wow, this is crazy. Hollywood leaving California yet again. I hope our state gets itself together and realizes that these are real jobs leaving which have a REAL impact on our economy!

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