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Giancarlo Esposito: Good to Be 'Bad'

0825 Esposito
This week's cover story on Giancarlo Esposito is online and available here. I was surprised by a lot of things I learned about Esposito--for example, I had no idea he had been a professional actor since the age of 8, making his Broadway debut at 10 in the musical "Maggie Flynn." I've always enjoyed his work, particularly in Spike Lee's films and the flawless "The Usual Suspects," but I have to say I think he's found the role of a lifetime on AMC's "Breaking Bad." It's sort of funny that he's winning acclaim for playing such a villian, seeing as how everyone goes out of their way to say what a nice guy he is.

Case in point: while we were speaking on the phone Saturday, he mentioned he was at Albuquerque Film Festival, teaching a Master Acting Workshop. I said, "Oh, what a coincidence--my friend Jules is there with a film!" He asked about her film, and I explained it was a drama about her battle with clinical depression called "Part Time Fabulous." He said he would "look out for it," but I didn't think anything more about it.

Cut to later that night, when Jules texts me to say not only did Esposito come to her screening, he made a point of finding her afterwards and complimenting her on her work. And the following night, when the film won the Film for Change Award, it was Esposito who presented it!

So I'm thrilled that a great actor whose work I love also happens to be a super nice guy who truly deserves all the success he's enjoying! He still scares the hell out of me on "Breaking Bad" though...

--Jenelle Riley

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