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Injured 'Hangover 2' Double Sues; Fall's Sexist TV?

• Ed Helm's double in "The Hangover 2" is suing Warner Bros. for an alleged stunt that left him with significant brain damage and physical injuries, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

• In an age where a reality TV star's wedding is covered by every major news outlet, it's no surprise more people also want a chance at fame. Television executives tell The New York Times that given the attention reality stars receive, casting reality shows with "real" people is more difficult.

The Wrap analyzes the major eye candy that will be found in this season's remake of "Charlie's Angeles," "Playboy Club," and "Pan Am" and how going back to a simpler time also means revisiting that time's prevalent sexism.

Sybil Jason, Warner Bros. child actress brought on to compete with Shirley Temple, passed away at 83. Also, Leonard Harris, an arts and theater critic as well as the senator in Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver,” died at the age of 81. Read their obituaries at The New York Times.

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